Overview Edit

Part frog, part piranha, and wholly aggressive; the Adaro is a product of the semi-aquatic environment and large predators of the Atonian Steppe. Never content to see if what approaches is prey or predator and confident either will run if surprised, Adaro wait at the water's edge and charge with their mouths agape. With teeth the size of daggers, and twice as sharp, Adaro deserve the fear and respect of the creatures of the steppe.

Skills Edit

Skill Description SP EP CT Target
Jet Stream Knocks back a nearby ally and deals low physical damage. 2 1 1 Single
Rend Chomps down on a nearby ally and deals moderate physical damage. 3 3 3 Single

Attributes Edit

Lvl HP SP Str Res Int Wis Spd Mov Luk EP
1 50 12 15 10 12 8 22 55 5 2