Overview Edit

Social and curious creatures, they're known for their curiosity and tenacity. When threatened they prefer to stay back and let the other fauna, which appear to be quite fond of the gastornis, do most of the fighting while buffing them with their various "dances". Don't be fooled, however, as a bite from a gastornis beak, sharpened by years of scavenging and gastrolith grazing, is judged by many to be the most painful bite encountered.

They've been known to open barrels, chests, and casks and have been the sworn enemy of Biruhn since he lost days worth of fish in a single gastornis raid (most people brush this story off as hyperbole but he insists that it happened).

Skills Edit

Skill Description SP EP CT Target
Dance of Life Restore some HP to enemies near Gastornis 2 4 1 Multiple
Dance of Death Grants ENRAGE to all nearby enemies. 2 4 1 Multiple

Attributes Edit

Lvl HP SP Str Res Int Wis Spd Mov Luk EP
1 57 8 18 12 9 8 20 35 0 1