Overview Edit

Neither biological (or particularly wise), its classification as "intelligent life" is still being disputed. What is certain, however, is its propensity to smash and crumble anything (IE everything) in its path. Sadly, once a Grott decides to take a trip, things have a tendency to be in its way.

It is unknown where or how Grotts manifest, but the Atonian Cave System has been shaped by their rolling and smashing for millennia. It is advised to run, walk, or crawl around any Grotts you happen across as engaging them is generally and unanimously seen as a terrible idea.

Skills Edit

Skill Description SP EP CT Target
Grott Smash Head! Grott just bashes the first thing that comes to mind and it hurts. 1 1 1 Single
Grott Take Trip! Grott plows through his adversaries, dealing moderate physical damage. 0 1 1 Multiple

Attributes Edit

Lvl HP SP Str Res Int Wis Spd Mov Luk EP
1 100 5 14 14 8 8 18 25 0 1