Overview Edit

Among the first creatures to inhabit the Atonian Steppe after it was abandoned, the wolves have retained their apex predator status through the centuries. Rarely ever seen alone, and even more rarely seen with other live fauna, anyone who stumbles into wolf territory should be prepared to fight several at a time. And anything that is unlucky enough to hear the howl of a wolf shudders in fear knowing that they have most likely been encircled.

Skills Edit

Skill Description SP EP CT Target
Howl Inflicts WEAKEN on nearby allies. 4 2 2 Multiple
Fang Deals physical damage to a nearby ally. 2 2 1 Single

Attributes Edit

Lvl HP SP Str Res Int Wis Spd Mov Luk EP
1 70 12 17 11 12 8 21 47 5 2

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